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Femme Maison is for women who are ready to change inside out, want to be in the best environment, to live in harmony with themselves and their body.

Here we share the most useful information about body, make up, style and etiquette.

We learn to move beautifully, do yoga, stretching, lymphatic drainage training. Most importantly we don’t forget about our mental health too - we meditate, do group coaching sessions and even conduct secret practices.

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What changes are waiting for you after joining our club?

  • Your looks

    ✔️ You'll find your best looks, figure and, of course, wardrobe

    ✔️ You’ll become a style expert

    ✔️ You’ll put together capsule looks for every day and for travel using just a few items of clothing and accessories

    ✔️ You’ll do your make-up like a pro

    ✔️ You’ll know how to select the right care products and make-up for your skin

    ✔️ You’ll learn all about different beauty procedures and get access to the best and most trusted beauty experts and clinics
  • Your body
    ✔️ You’ll get a tight and slender body without dieting

    ✔️ You’ll get rid of bloating

    ✔️ You’ll master healthy routines and learn the best exercises for every day

    ✔️ You’ll learn to listen to your body and move gracefully

    ✔️ You’ll end up with beautiful posture and amazing self-confidence

  • Your self-esteem

    ✔️ You’ll be clear on what you want to get out of life

    ✔️ You’ll feel more confident, knowing how to conduct yourself in any place or situation

  • Your capabilities and income

    ✔️ You will learn the secrets how to take aesthetic Instagram photos

    You will feel inner strength and reach a new level of income

  • Male attention

    ✔️ You’ll learn smart ways of communicating with men

  • Your environment and the people around you

    ✔️ You’ll get out of your old habits and make some new female friends who are on the same wavelength as you

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Anastasia Biserova
Hi, my name is Masha. In our club, I help girls with style - how to create a “smart” wardrobe, pick the right color and style for your height and body shape, lifehacks on care and storage. I’ll also let you in on all the secrets and little details of how to act at invitation-only dinners, special events, fashion shows, and dates. You’ll learn how to be seen without looking like you’re trying to get attention.
Now let’s get to know each other better. Here are a few facts about me:
  • I’ve been making money with my Instagram profile for over 6 years.
  • I collaborate with such brands as Prada, YSL Beauty, Dior, and Tiffany.
  • I attend Paris Fashion Week every year.
  • I’ve been working with some very beautiful, highly influential women as their personal stylist.
  • I’ve enrolled in an MA degree program in psychology, and I’m already helping to change the way girls think.

I know exactly what I’m after. I’ll teach you to have the self-confidence that comes with the style and way of thinking of a real woman!

Hi, I’m Nastya. I will help you to understand and feel your body. You’ll learn some graceful, elegant dance moves, improve your posture, and become more self-confident.

Now let’s get to know each other better. Here are a few facts about me:
  • I am a Bellydance world champion.
  • I am a professional choreographer with more than 15 years of experience working in choreography instruction.

I travel all over the world with workshops and performances.

  • I started an online Bellydance school using my own way of teaching.
  • I’m the founder of Elastica, a project dedicated to helping thousands of women have a healthy, fully-functional body.

Let me share with you this great secret I’ve discovered: There’s nothing a woman cannot do!

What's on there in November?
This month we've decided to add some spirituality. Knowledge is essential, but remember: success starts from the right mindset.
We added new speakers, new lectures, new practices (for women only!) and of course an energetic boost of support from our club.
✔️ Training «How to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor » with Nastya

✔️ High Heels dance with world dance champion Jane

✔️ A set of female meditations with a top-notch yoga master Victoria

✔️ Femme Maison special Yoga class with Victoria

✔️ Live stream «How to find out our life path number» with digital psychologist Elmira

✔️ Consultation with the best cosmetologist in Moscow

✔️ Make-up class with a celebrity make up artist Valentina

✔️ Livestream about modern etiquette with Masha: «How to behave in a boutique»

✔️ Live steam «Secrets of time-management» with Nastya

✔️ A coaching session with Masha

✔️ Class « The most spectacular Bellydance moves » with Nastya

Speakers of November
We invited some prominent speakers to our club this month. These are successful women who managed to achieve incredible results in their realm while remaining feminine and beautiful both inside and outside.
All of them are fortunate and ready to share their knowledge and experience with you.
“Anything is possible when you have the right people around”.
Albina Gaeva
Jane Jay
Victoria Fetisova
Valentina Bovalli



Access to all exercises, practices, author meditations

Access to live and on-record livestreams

Access to chat with Masha and Nastya and other participants


Access to materials 1 month

Livestream with Nastya and Masha

question/ answer

1 private online session with Masha

1 private online session with Nastya

77 $

Access to all exercises, practices, author meditations

Access to live and on-record livestreams

Access to chat with Masha and Nastya and other participants


1 privatе session with Marsha

1 privatе session with Nastya

Access to materials 2 months

122 $

Full transformation with Masha and Nastya (individual approach)

+ access to all materials of the club (all months)

Access to materials 3 months

1 111 $
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It’s a match made in heaven ...

We met at a fashion show, and soon we were absolutely inseparable.

It is the kind of friendship that makes you better, helps you grow, and supports and sustains you. We learn from one another’s strengths.

Twice as many opportunities open up when we’re together! Things happen as if by magic.

And if you think I’m joking, let me tell you that our personal incomes have skyrocketed since we became friends. Sounds like magic, but it’s a fact!

And if there are ten of us, not two, what happens then?

Dozens of women on the same wavelength, supporting each other, sharing ideas and experience?

Now that’s power! We get chills down our spine just thinking about it!

What if …

What if we set up a place where women from all parts of the world could network, learn, share ideas, and give support to each other?

Inspired, in just a few weeks we had outlined and begun work on the project of our dreams!

It’s incredible to realize that we can help women and girls all over the world become better, help them love themselves again, and take them to a new level in life!

We would love you to be part of our community! We guarantee that you will reach new heights and have an entirely new quality of life!

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Now tell us a little about yourself!

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